Which Soul Are You Today?

In counseling, I try to help each patient turn their life around from fear and worry to courage and compassion.

Metanoia is not a psychological term, but a spiritual focus that says that there are within each of us two souls, a little soul and a great soul. On any given day we tend to identify more with one or the other of these and we are a very different person depending upon which soul is growing within us.

Thus, if we take our identity from our little soul we will inevitably feel bitter and angry.  It is the little soul, where we are petty, afraid, aware of our hurts, and constantly nursing the sense of having been cheated and short-changed. In our little soul, we are paranoid and defensive. When we relate to life through it, we become shortsighted, impatient, despairing, and constantly looking for compensation.

But we also have within us a great soul. When we let it grow, we become a different person altogether. We relate out of our great soul when we are overwhelmed by compassion, when everyone is sister or brother to us, when we want to give of ourselves without concern of cost, when we would willingly die for others, and when our arms and heart would want nothing other than to embrace the whole world and everyone in it.

I witnessed this “great soul” of compassion whenever a patient learns to surrender their addiction, or change their self-destructive behaviors or accepts that we are not in control of anyone. This is the great soul that grows within each one of us.

Let me reassure you that it takes courage to talk with someone about our trails and troubles. Please know that my counseling is open to anyone in search of a helping hand with ears to listen with compassion to your hurts and fears and a voice that brings comfort, wisdom and hope.